Empirical studies of ConDiS Conducting

My composition “Kuuki no Sukima” for nine instruments is specially written for use of my artistic research project ConDiS – Conducting Digital System. There the conductor wears a digital/ analog glove that can control the overall volume of the outcoming electronic sound, the overall tempo of the performance and synchronization of the live instruments and the computer.

Original idea was to have the conductors role a bit larger by allowing him to control electronic sonority of individual instrumental groups as well as give him control of other features such as panning of the sound (move the sound in space) and the sound timber (sound color) by opening and closing spectral filters, changing reverb and delay time and envelopes etc.

All these things are available, the conductor can control individual instrumental groups by using signs of one, two, three, four and five fingers (see Notation and control from March 13, 2017.

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