Concert in Schæffergården, Copenhagen

Kuuki no Sukima performed at Schæffergården, Copenhagen

Kuuki no Sukima – Between the air/The gap in the air

The title can be transcribed literally as “the gap of the air” or even ”in between the air” both very suitable for the composer’s vision of creating a sonic landscape of sounds that are somewhere there, in-between or in the gap of being a sound or a pitched note.
If sonority is a vibration of traveling air pressure, could there be a gap?
Could there be a sonic world somewhere there in-between the air?


Niður – Murmur – せせらぎ

A soft, indistinct sound made by a person or group of people speaking quietly or at a distance. Could also be linked to nature sounds such as a low continuous sound of the wind murmuring through the trees or an atmospheric sound of a river.

Kuuki no Sukima 1st. movement – Niður – Murmur – せせらぎ     Duration c.a. 9:00


Hviss – Hiss – ビュービュー.

A soft but still loud gust of wind hissing over the rooftops. Could also be a sound of an object passing by with a sharp short hissing sound. According to the English dictionary, it means as a noun: “a sharp sibilant sound” or as a verb: “make a sharp sibilant sound as of the letter S”

Kuuki no Sukima 2nd. movement – Hviss – Hiss – ビュービュー.   Duration c.a. 5:30


Suð – Buzz – ハミング

A very soft sound like a buzzing sound from electronic hardware like a refrigerator or from electric light-bulb. English dictionary mention “the buzz of the bees” which is not quite the right explanation since the bee-buzz is in this case too loud and variant. Here the buzzing sound has more a humming sonority.

Kuuki no Sukima 3rd. movement – Suð – Buzz – ハミング     Duration c.a. 8:45