Comparison of performances

The following is a comparison of the conductor’s use of ConDiS between performances in Harpa, Reykjavik and Schæffergården, Copenhagen.

Example 1.

Instructions from measure three of the opening of the 1st movement.

Conducting at Schæffergården.

Comparing the opening of the 1st. movement shows that the conductor has an identical way to conduct. Not to surprise since the use of ConDiS is written in the score.

Conducting at Harpa.

Example 2.

Now compare:

Conducting at Schæffergården.

Conducting at Harpa.

Although not written in the score the conductor in this example activates the volume value control at a very similar point. At the Harpa concert, the conductor activates the volume value control a bit earlier then decides to wait till after the Flute has ended. Then similarly to the Schæffergården she activates it again just before the Horn but deactivates it sooner in Harpa. It should be noticed that the Harpa concert was the first of four concerts and Schæffergården the last one. For me, it is obvious that the conductor has become much more comfortable with the ConDiS system.

Example 3.

Again the conductor follows instructions written in the score.

Conducting at Schæffergården.

Conducting at Harpa.

Example 4.

And the closing measures of 1st. movement. The conductor follows written instructions identically.

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