Instructions for Conductor

Worked on an instruction page for conductor to learn her/his sign language  linked to the ConDiS. Will post it here. Please feel free to comment on these signs and/or suggest other possibilities or even recommend other sites, papers or books to look into.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the conductor is not or at least as I think about it, controlling the electronics (use that term for all computer-generated sound) all the time. The electronics are written (composed) in the score like they were individual instruments. If the electronics are meant to be soft they will play soft with or without the conductor, because they do have instructions about how loud they should be. Just like a performer gets information on how loud she/he should play in the form of f or p for forte and piano. The conductor’s job is to adjust these levels during the performance, bit more string here and there or a bit louder flutes in this section. The conductor does exactly the same for the electronics, bit more electronic level here or there, by turning on the volume and raise her/his arm. Bit less volume, turn the volume control on and lower arm.

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