Conducting gestures

The following video explains in more details what the conductor has to do in the opening measures of the Kuki no Sukima.

Although the beginning went quite well, there were a few things that could be done better or even needs to be changed.

  • The conductor starts the piece by clicking the start button (button 3 or middle finger button):

It looks as the conductor clicks the start button and then raises her arms to give the first downbeat.

It was my intention that the conductor should start exactly at the same time as she gives the downbeat (first beat) to the ensemble. By doing so the computer (electronics) and the ensemble are approximately one beat out of synchronization the first twelve measures or until the first “jump forward” appear in measure thirteen.

This seems to be a miscommunication between me and the conductor perhaps I was not clear enough when giving instructions. Should be easily fixed before next rehearsal. Perhaps a short Skype would be enough.

  • There is no metronome clicking to synchronize the conductors “intended” beat and the computer “preset” beat.

As mentioned in my last blog this was totally my fault, since I decided to leave out the conductor metronome setting and do it manually. The outcome was that the conductor was conducting in a slightly faster beat than the computer. Therefore the ensemble was always a bit ahead of the computer (electronics) although the “jump forward” button did corrections quite frequently.

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