Writing score for instrument, conductor and electronics

As I continue to work on my experimental piece for flute and conductor there are tons of decisions to make. How precise can or should I write the score. It is my destiny to write the score as precise as possible and leave few things in the air. Still, I want the score to be simple, clear, and somewhat just say what is needed to say. Here there seems to be a fine line and still I am not satisfied. So let’s look at the first measures of the flute and conductor piece. In the beginning, the flute plays breathing sound that is repeated with acceleration in between few sounding breath notes. The phrase comes then to an end with two sforzando notes that are played with tongue pizzicato and key slap. At the same time, the electronic part is gradually growing from no effect to very soft tap delay effect that increases towards the end of the phrase, so does reverb and feedback. The sound is also moving in space from left front speaker in circles to the right. Confusing? Let’s take a look at the score.

As can be seen, indications about tempo are given by asking the player to start slow and gradually get to the tempo of m.m.72 and then a little ritardando till the end of the phrase when (see slanted beams). Then the end of the phrase should be played in tempo 72.
The conductor prepares control of the electronic volume by activating volume control and closes her/his hand so the ConDiS program is on alert if the conductor decides to raise the volume by pointing out the index finger. The text is written to the conductor indicating that she/he should be aware of the balance “raise/lower arm if volume adjustment is needed”. Pan location in space is shown by circles showing it first at the front left position moving to front center then front right and so on. Other electronic indications are missing and will be added to the score any time soon. I will keep it here for a further look and with more electronic graphics I will continue to reflect the question I raised at the beginning. How precise can I or should I write the score?

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