Welcome to the homepage of ConDiS, Conducting Digital System. The page is designed to be the front for information, opinions  and discussions related to the ConDiS project.

A homepage section

This is a new blog page that will introduce and express the development of the ConDiS artistic research project. All that is written are my own thoughts, opinions and reflections related to the project. All comments, ideas and instructions are more than welcome.

All the best-Med vennlig hilsen-Kærar þakkir.

Hilmar Thórdarson



Hilmar Thordarson is a composer and a research fellow at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim Norway. His research project ConDiS-Conducting Digital System is directed toward the interaction, the expressions, the musical gestures and movements of the classical conductor.  How to enable a music conductor not only to control the overall sound of the performing musicians but also to control a digitally processed version of the performer´s sound in real time.



Hilmar Thórdarson

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