This report documents and offers a reflection on my artistic research project “ConDiS – Conducting Digital System: Extended role of the conductor in mixed music performance.”

It takes as an example my composition Kuuki no Sukima – Between the Air, a through-composed mixed music composition for ensemble and interactive conductor. This composition was created specially as part of this project.

With a custom-made conducting glove – “Con Glove” – the conductor can conduct and control the overall balance, volume, tempo, and synchronization of the electronic sounds written in the musical score.

ConDiS – Conducting Digital System is, in its artistic essence, a tool that brings the electronic aspects of musical expressivity directly under the conductor´s control, and in doing so the conductor is able to rely on this ability the tool affords him. So, in turn, it enables the writing of through-composed mixed music with precision while maintaining a certain amount of flexibility and expressivity.