Kuki no Sukima – The beginning

The following are seven short instruction videos made to follow up to what I wrote in my last blog. Hopefully it helps the reader to understand the functionality of the ConDiS system.

The first part written instructions in the conductor score are explained.

A bit closer look at the instructions:

After the conductor has activated the volume control she can adjust the volume value of the electronic sound by moving arm up and/or down.

Few other extra things the conductor needs to do before starting the piece.

    The conductor has to set the metronome for the piece which in this case is metronome 48. To do so she needs to press button that was on the index finger (has now been moved to the ring finger) three times (has changed to four times).

After setting the metronome the conductor has to press the nr. 3 button to tell the computer that she has set the metronome.

Now all is set and the conductor can start the piece by clicking the nr. 3 button once more as she gives the computer and ensemble a down-beat sign to start playing.

Now when the conductor is ready it is time to take a closer look at the music.

As we can see from the score, the piece starts with Violin playing an right hand pizzicato behind the bridge and at the same time a left hand pizzicato behind the position of the left hand. Right after that she plays a high flageolet (whistle) E note with two more pizzicatos in the left hand and one behind the bridge.

And now listen to the first 11 measures of Kuki no Sukima!

In the upcoming blogs i will look closer at opening measures, analyse and make artistic reflection  based on my own experience, opinion and artistic view.



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