Conducting gestures

This week I will be focusing on conducting gestures and signs. In my opinion it is important to make the additional conducting gestures for the computer control somewhat “natural” and simple. Therefore I have decided that for control of “levels” such as Volume and Effect the conductor should raise or lower her/his arm for increased or decreased levels. When it comes to panning or how the conductor should be able to steer spacial location of the sound, the answer is not so obvious. First I tried to have the conductor raise her/his arm into the air and then move it into circles. That turned out to be a bit “cowboy” like gesture and therefore disturbing and not fitting  my artistic goal of “natural” gesture. Next I tried to have the conductor holding arm straight out and then move hand in halv circle (whole circle not physically possible). It was a bit more natural but still did not feel totally right. Now I will be working on a solution that a the moment seems to be close to what I am aiming for and that is to have the conductor moving the elbow in circular movement. When trying it out (not yet with sound responding) it gives the right natural feeling and also the possibility to move hand in diagonal direction as well as circle.

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