Con Flute

Working on an experimental piece for solo flute and conductor. Another approach towards the ensemble composition. Creating notation and graphics in Adobe Illustrator and then transferring to Sibelius notation software is a bit tedious work and quite time assuming, but once it is done it stays there available to use. Lots of tweaking and adjusting but finally had some success. Since running out of time today will post it tomorrow with some instructions on how to do.

2 thoughts on “Con Flute”

  1. Nice site, Hilmar. and comments seem to work 🙂
    I look forward to seeing more material here as is accumulates, especially on issues related to your artistic needs and desires, and how the ConDis system help you fulfill them.
    There is a “A homepage section” section on the home page (with example text: “This is an example of a homepage section. Homepage sections can be …”). Perhaps it is something that remains from the site template? It would be nicer to remove that is possible.

    1. Thank you Øyvind. Still learning but it seems to be a good way to report my work. Think we can use it for further discussions in near future. Words about my artistic needs and desires will be added in due course. Meaning when my compositions starts to crystallise with interaction with performers. Next step to contact Espen og Trine to find out if we can take one or two sections.
      Will do something about the example of homage section.

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