The initial approach

The initial approach

In his book, The Computer Music tutorial (1996) Curtis Roads wrote: “The original remote controller for music is the conductor’s baton”.(Roads, 1996)

Without judging whether this statement by Curtis Roads passes; what if you do not use a baton? It gave me the desire to ask myself the following question:

But what if we were to take the remote control and develop it even further?

To develop a system where the conductor can with physical body movements or gestures, remotely control the acoustic sound, the digitally processed timbre of the same sound, and the sonic spectrum.

This opens a floodgate of possibilities to integrate the orchestral conductor´s capacity to control the overall flow of the “whole” musical performance. Instead of having a sound engineer in the middle of the hall triggering and mixing the digital sounds to the analog sounds of the orchestra, the conductor now has the opportunity to extend her conducting expressions and interpretation in an unmediated way.

It is my intention that throughConDiS the whole form of live interactive performance also becomes more directly visible and audible.